Set your mind to it...

by - September 26, 2015

"What the mind can conceive, it can achieve." -Napoleon Hill

These past few weeks, more like months, actually this whole year has been really hard for me. I must say it has been the hardest year of my adulthood life so far. From finishing my last year of college, to loosing my job and being unable to find a job in my field, to constantly feeling depressed and lets not forget about boy problems (I mean we all have them) this has been a year full of ups and downs and the year is NOT EVEN OVER. Thankfully I just started two new jobs (which keep me very busy lets say), but I am extremely thankful that at the moment I have a jobs that help with the bills.

As I mentioned before this has been a very hard year for me, so I find it comfortable when I find quotes that speak to me, they don't all speak to me at that very moment when I find them but somehow they find a way back to me when I need them the most. At the very moment my problems are taking the best of me, and when I mean the best of me I really REALLY mean it. Most of the time I don't feel like myself, I actually haven't felt like my normal self in a very long time, and even when I'm making progress of getting there again I seem to step back (trust me its a constant battle). So this is one of the quotes I use to keep me positive. I am working (and by working I mean trying) to get to convince my mind that I will and can be okay. That I will achieve my goals, that I will comeback from this negative stage and I will continue with life. The quote "Set your mind to it and you will achieve" is also a daily motivator for me.

Taking your mind from a negative stage to a positive one is one of the first steps, and it's one of the hardest one as well. You have to convince your mind that you are okay so you can eventually (slowly but surly) can achieve it. And let me state the facts, that convincing your mind its a full time job. Some days things look better than others, I am able to put the problems aside and just be able to have a good day, but with some days we also have the rest of the days which are not always as good, and the battle to get to a stable place it is so hard, OMG it is really hard. This is the tricky part, where I am ready to just let my thoughts overwhelmed me but part of me realizes that's a receipt for disaster. So the back and forth begins and boy does giving up sometimes get the best of me. BUT lets remember that God does not give you a battle you are unable to win, the bigger your battle the stronger you are (trust me this is true).

So if you find yourself in a position like the one I'm in at the moment, remember you already done the first step which is realizing you are not okay, and you are on your way to the second step which is convicting and working on achieving and getting to that better place.  Give yourself time to get there, don't punish yourself, things will work out.

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