Exercise of the day

by - October 08, 2015

Make a list of all the things that make you happy, keep it handy so all the time you think of something new you can add it to your list. Things can go from reading a book, to writing, to dancing, to listening to music (which are the most common things) . Also add people that you love and make you happy on that list. Things that you like and love about yourself, see how long that list is and you will soon realize how amazing you are and how blessed you are to have all those people and things in your life.

I started my list today while at work, and let me tell you things just keep popping into my head and I continue to add them to my list. At the moment one side of my page (8.5in x 11.75 in) is almost full and I can't wait until the whole page is full (both sides) so I can sit down and see all the things that I love. I just started this exercise about 30 minutes ago and I can say I truly like it. Super excited!!!


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