Letter to Self

by - October 01, 2015

How many of you guys have tried to write a letter to yourself telling yourself what you love about yourself? I used "yourself" so many times but this is because this is about nobody else but you. I myself haven't wrote that letter... YET. But I will, very soon. Now you might ask yourself where did I came up with that idea, well as a writer (what I like to think of myself) I was at work one day with  nothing to do, literally NOTHING to do, and I started searching for things to do to kill time. I came across this blog that had a list of things you could do to kill time and not die of boredom at work. One of the things on that list was "write a letter to your lover telling them what you love about them". The thing is even though I love my partner and I tell him as many times as I can, I decided that if I was going to use that idea and write a letter I was going to write it to myself. WHY? you might ask, because I mean why not? Why not tell yourself all the things you love about yourself, remind yourself what you love about yourself, and who knows in the process you might even realize new things you love and understand why. Trust me once you pick up that pen, or open that computer and let your words guide you it's something beautiful.

I haven't written the letter because even though that day I had nothing to do at work the rest of the days has been more busy than others, and when I start that letter I want to be in peace, I want to be able to remember all the things I love about myself and why. I want to write as if I'm writing to my lover, because in reality I am. I am my own lover, I love myself and so should you.

So now take a pen and a paper or your computer (however you like) and find yourself in a peaceful state of mind and start your letter, tell yourself why you love yourself so much. You will soon realize it's such a great thing to have.


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