by - November 04, 2015

What is your outlet?
What do you use when you need to let go? Is it music? Maybe painting? Writing? Dancing? Can it be running/gym? Is it eating? Is it sleeping?
What do you do when you just need to escape this world, when you need your mind to let go and just relax, to focus on something else, but not the problems and the world around you, what is your outlet?
Your outlet can be any of these things, it can also be more than one at once. Or different ones in a certain order, all just depending how bad you need to escape.
What's my outlet? Well I have a few. For instance writing is one of my main ones, when I write I am able to leave this world and just let my inspiration take control, the only problem is that if there is no inspiration I am unable to use this outlet when I need it the most. I also use music to just let it take over my thoughts and change my mood. And sleeping lets not forget sleeping, which is my favorite one because I love sleeping, but also because I have learned that once I take a nap I usually wake up with a open mind, I am more calm and I can approach the situation differently. But sleeping only works if I'm mad, or really sad if I need to get over my thoughts it doesn't really help since once I'm awake I'm back to overthinking everything.

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