The road to a better LIFE

by - November 05, 2015

SO we are back, back to constantly stressing about what to do with our lives. We want to challenge ourselves and push for more, to achieve more, but everything that we want is not always what we receive, at least not all at the time we want it and need it. I'm the type of person that constantly over thinks and over stress about everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Even when I keep a positive mind I still can't help, but overthink the "what ifs" and "buts" of the situation which causes a lot of headaches, A LOT. Of course by now you're sitting there reading this and thinking, why would I continue reading anything this person has to say if she just admitted that she stresses about everything? And okay I see your point, but work with me. Although I stress about everything and over-think I also force myself to find a balance, a point where I understand that I have already pointed out the rights and wrongs and now I need to level myself and think of the positive. Think that if it's really for me  I will achieve it at the right time, at the time it's meant for me. I will not achieve it before it is for me, but only at its right time.

We have to learn to understand that even after we fall if we want a better life we have to continue challenging ourselves and bettering ourselves. Every step we take towards our goals is a step closer, even if it does not work out it's a learning experience and that is also a blessing. The road to a better life is NEVER easy, life itself it is far from easy, but if we keep going we will achieve it!


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