Welcome BACK

by - November 29, 2016

Sooo here we go AGAIN, I'm back and this time for good I hope. But let's keep it real how many times I have said I'm back and left again? Better yet how many times have I come back? This time I am hoping is different; see a lot has changed over the past year. Wow can you honestly believe it has been exactly a YEAR. My whole life has gone through a complete roller coaster, from good to bad, to bad to worst, but yet again back to good. Little to say I have found myself in a better place than I was last year and from the looks of my previous blogs, well it was a tough one as well. But here we are back again and this time with actually plans to stay because oh I have missed this so much.

This blog has gone through few changes over the years since I first got it back in 2011. I was a freshman in college with some time in my hands and different ideas in my head, and I thought starting a blog was the thing for me, so I did. That didn't last long, after a while I found myself not having the sources or the time for the blog which at the moment was some type of a fashion blog mix with YouTube videos and bad quality pictures. After I left the blog for years, and picked it up four years after during my receptionist job. I decided I wanted something completely different for the blog, instead of fashion I wanted to focus on something I had found myself doing more than ever those days; which it was writing. SO I started from square one, I deleted everything I had from the years before, changed the settings, to the theme, colors, even the URL. I started from the beginning, and it was good for a couple of months UNTIL I did it again, I left it behind for a WHOLE year. And now here we are back again, the only difference is that this time I am only looking to make it better, I want to continue with the same plans I started a year ago. This blog is still my outlet and God knows I have needed it more than ever. So here I am, starting this time with a plan and schedule and commitment to making it and staying. To doing what I love, to escaping when I need to. Here is to "From me to you" for always finding its way back to me when I need it the most. SALUD!


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