Looking back at 2016

by - December 30, 2016

Every year I usually write in my journal the highlight of the year that is ending just looking back of how it treated me, and this year I decided to write it on my blog. What can I say; this year was actually one of the hardest years for me emotionally wise. I had so many downs as well as ups, lessons that I'm still learning and taking with me into the New Year. I feel like I reached my lowest point so far in the sense that at times I barely recognized myself, who I was, how I was acting, and who I wanted to be. I had many nights were my pillow was my only comfort, and my mind my nightmare. But, despite the low points there were also many good moments, new memories created, and new steps taken. 
Throughout this year that is ending I was able to finally attend a concert and not just one, but THREE (off the bucket list they GO!). I was able to expand my career by going into a new group with little to no knowledge of what I was really doing (you know, a fake it until you make it move). I was also able to have my first year with the company I work for, as well as another milestone with the love of my life (despite our many obstacles). I was able to walk away from not one but two accident with no pain or scars )THANK GOD). And I was also able to visit Dallas for the first time, and experience the cutest thing. I was able to enjoy my oldest nephew first ride in an airplane, and let me tell you it was one of the best things I have ever seen.

Looking back at 2016 I can see my many downs and sad nights, as well as my many ups and happy days. I see how truly blessed I am for not only being able to have memories (good or bad) for each day of this year but to be where I am. Let's face it, there are people who had a really bad year; financially, to losing someone they love, to losing themselves and not finding them. Let's take it in just like I am taking this very moment, 2016 might have not been my best year every single day, but I'm very grateful still for the year it was. It taught me, showed me, and made me smile. For that I'm very thankful to God for giving me 2016, despite the bad day's here is to the good ones.


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