Quote of the week

by - January 06, 2017

"You have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you."

Do something nice today, not only for yourself but also for others. I remember one morning a couple of months ago I was getting my morning coffee at Dunkins when the cashier told me the car in front of me had paid for what I order, at the moment I thought the lady was playing a joke on me. I looked at her and said laughing, "no that's not true" she said yes, it is that it was a thing that people did. The driver in front of you would pay for your order, from the smallest order to the biggest one and it was just an option for you to keep it going if you wanted to. I thought to myself really quick well that is great, but what if the person behind had ordered something that costs way more than what I had to spend at the moment, how am I supposed to pay for that after I had agreed to do it? It must have been luck of something that what they order only cost few cents less than mines so I had no problem paying for it, but it made me think; how did it all started?
Who was the nice person that woke up (I'm not quite sure it has been going on for) and decided to pay the next person's meal? Just out of the goodness of their heart. That person that morning paid not only for their usual but also for someone else. And is funny because maybe one person in that line might have not had enough, but only what they needed for their breakfast and got lucky. I'm not quite sure how it started, and maybe this is not the best example, but it is sure the first one that came to mind, why? For the simple fact that it was such a small gesture that one person started and I was able to experience it.

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