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by - April 21, 2017

Disclaimer: The products mentioned are products that I find that work for me and my skin type (sensitive and a mix of dry and oily).

Lately, I've been asked a lot of questions about my skincare routine. Questions like; What do I use on my skin? Where do I get my products from? What kind of moisturizer do I use? And the most important one (reason for this post) How much does it cost?

I've always followed beauty bloggers and beauty gurus and as much as I like to keep up with them let's be honest, they get products sent to them, or they have enough money to spend $100+ on just one product (NOT my case right now). Let me give you my TIPS on having all of the products for your skincare routine on a BUDGET!

First thing first, all of the products that are going to be mentioned in this post are budget friendly and altogether less than $75.00

Simple Skincare products have become my favorites.
I am currently using the Simple Skincare Products which I got from CVS, but you can also get them from Walgreens and pretty much everywhere.
Cleansing Micellar Water (STEP ONE) I first clean my face with the Micellar water and some cotton rounds to remove any dirt, I move to wash my face with some warm water just to remove whatever the micellar water could have left (product says you don't need to rinse off, but I like to).
Foaming Cleanser (STEP TWO) I use just a small amount of the cleanser on my cleaning brush (5 in 1 Facial Brush I got From Amazon) for only $5.
Smoothing Facial Scrub (STEP THREE optional) I only use the scrub if I'm not using a sheet mask, for those days I need more of a deep cleaning.
The Simple Skincare line also has a Face Oil which will be my next purchase and I will update you on how that goes.
CVS and Walgreens are always having sales, the whole buy one and get the other one 50% off (which is how I got all of my three products all at once).

The Shea Butter sheet mask leaves the skin feeling so soft. With the Natural Gold Pear mask you can feel the revitalization and lifting as you have it on.

Sheet Masks
I have found great finds on Tj Maxx-Marshalls-Homegoods stores. To be honest, they are my TO GO stores, and when it comes to sheet masks they didn't let me down. I have seen that the sheet masks go from $2.99-$7.99. These are the ones I'm currently using and I LOVE THEM! and for that price (like come on). One of my tricks when I buy beauty products outside Sephora, Ulta and Target is to google the brand I'm interested in buying, this way I can have an idea of what I'm getting for my money and if it's actually worth it (99% of the time it is.) I also found these great under eye strips for only $2.99. I have been eyeing the Tarte under eye patches that retail for $22 (not too bad) but for now, I have saved myself $18 dollars.

Carmex is my daily, the Cocoa lip balm is an after treatment.

Lip Care
Being completely hon, I'm a simple girl when it comes to what I put on my lips, BUT I am always taking care of them. My go-to lip care is Carmex and I find them for only a $1 at my local Dollar Tree stores (AMAZING right?). To exfoliate my lips I'm currently using the Indi Beauty lip exfoliator which I got in an Ipsy bag, but the Elf Lip Exfoliator is also a fave and is only $3. After I move on to another favorite, which is the Cocoa Butter from Absolute New York (here for $7) but I got mines from Tj Maxx for about $3 (it smells soo good).

This Serum hydrates the skin so much.

I started using the Eucerin cream because of my dermatologist when I was like 12. Still a favorite.
Neutrogena Moisturizer $9.99
Eucerin Cream $9.89+

Moisturizers & Creams
For creams and moisturizers, my current go to is the Oil Free Moisture From Neutrogena that I use every morning and it leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. At night or after facials I use a Facial Serum (also got from Tj Maxx) for around $5-$9.99 or the Eucerin cream that I got from Target (this was the one and only cream I used on my face for years and it worked magic). 

Great alternatives products I still use from time to time.
Argan Moroccan water $4.99 (tj maxx)
Alba Botanica cleanser $7.99 (tj maxx)

Alternatives & Others
Before I started using the simple skincare, I was using the Alba Botanica cleanser, along with the Argan Moroccan Rose micellar water (works great removing makeup). I got the two que bella mug masks from Target (they go from .99 to $2.99), and the Charcoal mask from Tj Maxx for only $4.99. Still, a favorite that I use from time to time is the Maybelline Baby Lips, which leaves my lips feeling extra soft. Finally, the blackhead removing mask that took me to forever to find an affordable one, I found this one on Amazon. 

Overall I find that these are the products that are currently working for me as mentioned before, and are right on my budget (since I'm trying to save and keep up as well). I am always looking for sales, but things that are actually good and not just more affordable (quality at a decent price). I'm always looking for new things to try, but I do not try everything on my skin because it is so sensitive. I know I didn't mention acne products, but that's because I really don't get any unless I'm stressed, and when I do I just let them ride out. Try out your local Tj Maxx and other stores for any of my finds and let me know how it goes. I promise you, you will find something right for your budget.


The links provided are NOT affiliated, rather just here for your find.

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