by - May 01, 2017

Well, you can see how excited I am that May is FINALLY here. This month, of course, is extra special.
First thing first, is my BIRTHDAY month, YAY. Second is also my sister's birthday month as well as the boyfriends. Is also mother's day right after my birthday (I love making my momma feel extra special). The weather gets nicer and nicer and summer is pretty much around the corner. My best-friend also finished grad school and I will be attending her ceremony to celebrate with her yet another milestone. To be honest I really only look forward to May and December (Christmas is my favorite time of the year, aside from my birthday) and of course the summer because I'm a Caribbean gal. I have so many things going on in just one month!

I love to celebrate life, and celebrating my day is NO exception.  This year I plan to do a mini getaway with the best friend and go down to New York. I always plan ahead for the special day, this year is no different. I plan on having a special dinner date with the boyfriend the day of my birthday which falls on a Wednesday. We are planning on leaving to NY Friday morning and returning Sunday morning (so we can have time to celebrate mother's day). The weekend plans are; dinner, spa, and the club as well as normal weekends activities.

For outfits, I always buy ahead (a must). This year I found the dress that I will be wearing for the club at Missguided and it was 50% off (found here). Since the whole store was on sale and because I'm a person that loves options, I also bought two more dresses, which I will talk about more in another post. I got the dresses not only as a backup but as well for the summer and for the other activities to come. Going through my closet I found a dress I got back in Dallas when I was there during the Christmas time and I think I will be wearing that for my birthday dinner. As for during the day, well that is another outfit I have yet to put together. I need to figure out what to wear to work as I decided to go into the office that day. Outfits for my birthday are as important as the plans.

May is definitely my favorite time of the year, there are so many great things happening and more right after. And of course is my birthday month so what can be better, right? As always let this month bring joy, positive vibes, and inspirations. Here is to another month, another start to continue on working on yourself and your brand.

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