by - July 07, 2017

June came and went in the matter of a blink. Here are the few things I loved during this past month.

The minute I got this Pearlessence Rose Water Face mist I fell in love with it. I believe I have heard of this brand a while ago from a blogger I follow on Instagram but was never able to get my hands on one until one of my trips to Marshalls. When I say this mist does what it says it will do-I am not lying. Let's just start with how good it smells, and follow with how refreshing it leaves your skin, let me continue by saying it also works as a setting spray! Also, it does not feel sticky or heavy on the face. I got this bad boy for only $5.99 (similar linked).

I've been in the search for a great oil to add to my daily routine for the longest, I found this overnight serum-oil from the Body Shop at Tj Maxx. My sister recommended this oil to me and since it has vitamin E and it was so affordable I gave it a try. I have tried a foundation from the body shop and actually enjoyed how it looked on me, so there was no question in trying their skin care. The serum-in-oil is supposed to "replenish the moisture level of your skin as you sleep. This vitamin E serum repairs your skin during the night so that you wake up with skin that feels soft and looks healthy" 
I have been using the oil almost every night for the past month and I have no complaints at the moment. I enjoy the scent it has- lavender, and I believe it gives my skin the vitamin E it needs, especially in the summer. The oil also leaves my skin leaving extremely soft without the extra oily feeling. I bought the oil for under $10 (linked option is under $20).  

I've talked about this lip balm before in my skincare on a budget post, but I never used it on a regular. I keep this Absolute Cocoa Butter lip balm on my night table and is the first thing I use in the morning as I get ready and every night before bed. I also use this balm anytime I'm home as I spend most of my time in bed )I work in bed, work on the blog in bed, be lazy in bed, etc etc). I grabbed the lip balm from Tj Maxx for $2.99 and I honestly love everything about it. 

June was definitely not a month where I tried a lot of products (usually how it goes for me) but it was, in fact, the month I found one of my new favorite shows; Queen of the South. If you are into shows like NarcosPower, and anything trafficking-related you will love this show. Season one is on Netflix and season two is on demand and on the USA Network. 

I've noticed this post should've been titled "June Tj Maxx/Marshall's favorites" as all of the products I mentioned have been found in these stores. Ha! I just love these stores. 

Have you tried any of the products I mentioned? Have you watched the show? Leave me a comment below, let's talk!


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