September 12, 2017

If I'm being completely honest Winter is one of my favorite seasons to dress up, why? Because the more you throw on the better your outfit looks, also you can have a simple shirt and put on a great coat and you're good to go. Today I'm bringing you the top 5 winter coats must haves for this winter because you know; Winter is coming


1- Hooded Coats
For the rainy days, for the more casual days, for the snow days, and for all of the days that you just need more of an everyday coat to get the job done. But also very warm and flattery. 
Long coat with hood

2- Faux Suede Coat
I love having a lighter coat for the days the temperature is going up and down but leaning more towards the warmer side. For those nights to the club where you running from the parking lot to the door and probably will have to have your coat either on you all night or around you. Lighter coats but stylish are always a must-have.

faux suede coat

3- Tailored Coat
These are my favorite type of coats to have, this style in either black or gray and you are all set for the winter. These are the staple pieces you need to take any outfit from casual to street style. They are perfect for workdays and can easily be styled for the nightlife as well as the weekend and to even run errands.
tailored coat

4- Rain Coat
 I've mentioned a coat with hood for rainy days, but a water-repellent coat is a must have to actually stay dry during those heavy storms.
water repellent parka

5- Long Wool Coat
Your simple yet most stylish must- have-coat.
long wool coat

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