I'm Ams the creator of To You, From A. I am your average 20-something middle-class milennial that currently works in Corporate America. I'm the girl that wants it all, the "American Dream". And for someone that runs a blog, I sure do struggle with writing the perfect "about me page". So here I am, trying for the 10th time... this month. Afterall I'm here to share and bring you my tips and tricks in the hopes they help you achieve greatness.

About the Blog
To You, From A it's a platform for the average milennial woman that is in search of the right tools to achieve her highest potential. This blog was created at the beginning of 2017 as an outlet and a tool during my self searching, and in the midst of finding myself, I also found that I want to help women like myself in any way I can. This blog focuses on Career advice for the #girlbabe with a mix of my personal style (because you can be a BOSS with Style). I have created this blog as the one-stop for the girlboss like you

Career Tips: The #girlboss series has been created based on the tools I've lacked and realized affected my career. Tips I wished I knew when starting my career and that I had to learn the hard way. I'm bringing them to you as a way to help you avoid the same mistakes. 

From A: The "From A" series is anything that comes from me (A), it is my life, my thoughts and the very personal section on the blog. As well as any tips or advice that have worked for me and I would want you to benefit from it, this section was created because I like to share things, so here is my special corner on the internet world.

Style: I'm not a fashion blogger, and probably never will be but under this series, I will showcase my personal style as much as possible and all of the amazing and affordable pieces I find.

Deals: The "weekly deals" series has been created to bring all of your favorite store's current sales all in one place for easy find and to help you save the extra coin. 

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