A Birthday Weekend in New York City

May 16, 2017

As I mentioned in my previous post I celebrated another year of life on the 10th. This year by far has started being the best one. My birthday started like a normal day; I got dressed up, went to work got busy per usual. After work, I got surprised with a birthday cake- I haven't had a cake for my birthday in about four years (it completely made my day). My night ended with a romantic birthday dinner at Davio's Northern Italian Steakhouse with the boyfriend. I highly recommend this place, from the place- to the white sangria, to the chicken parm spring rolls as an appetizer to our entrees. I had the Fettuccine shrimp pancetta on the Basil-Pesto and the boyfriend had the special pasta of the night. I wore this dress (pictured above) that I got from Dallas back in December with my beige Jessica Simpson pumps.

Friday morning the best-friend and I headed to New York for my birthday weekend, where it started great besides the long ride. While in NY I stayed in the Bronx, but that did not stop us from being able to explore the city. We spent the day walking around the city, from Downtown to Times square. Lucky for us Friday was a beautiful day, a bit chilly but overall beautiful. We spend the afternoon in Times Square for the most part, from the M&Ms store to checking out all of the massive H&Ms and Forever21 the city has, to having some ice-cream in the middle of Times Square entertaining ourselves with the craziness you are able to witness there.
This is was a true moment of happiness and doubt-ness
This might come to some as a shock, but I had never been to Red Lobster until this past weekend. As a seafood lover, this was a dream come true- seafood heaven. Since I live in Boston we don't have a Red Lobster near by, and the closest one is in Connecticut. For dinner, I had the Ultimate Feat, and let me tell you this was amazing, along with their cheddar biscuits which are to die for.

Friday night was a celebration. The girls and I went to Playroom night club where I wore this lovely dress from Missguided- found here. I paired the dress with these lovely  Gold with clear strap barely there heeled sandals that I got from ASOS about a year ago. Unfortunately, it seems like ASOS does not have the sandals anymore, but you can find similar ones here and here.

Saturday had to be my favorite day of the weekend. I spend my whole afternoon at Spa Castle Premier 57, and it was the most relaxing and well needed time. Let me just say this place is great and worth every penny. This place has six saunas-SIX, it has an indoor pool as well as a rooftop outdoor pool (which we didn't get to use because of the weather). It offers massages and facials as well and a nude section-I skipped on those this time. I literally spend the whole time in the saunas and under the infrared lights. We went into all the saunas, but my favorite ones were the Himalayan Salt room (the most relaxing thing AND is real salt). The Ice Igloo room which was actually very satisfying and the Gold room- man was I obsessed with that room. Besides actually enjoying the sauna not because of the color, but because of how it felt. I had a mini photo shoot in there (I mean who would pass on a photo shoot in a gold room?). The room was just beautiful and I love gold so it was meant for me.
 I will definitely be returning to this spa next time I'm in NY- next time I'll take the boyfriend to experience the relaxation with me. My green one piece bathing suit is from Missguided as well- found here.
Infrared Zone

Himalayan salt room
Loess Soil Sauna
Ice Igloo Sauna

Obsessed with the Gold sauna

I just want to give a huge Thank you to everyone that was part of making this birthday so amazing, and to everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday. I believe the start of this new year of my life is just the beginning to great things, don't they say "if it starts well it will end good" right?

Hope you enjoyed it, and thanks for stopping by.


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