August 03, 2017

For someone that has over 1,000 pictures save on their phone- without counting all of the pictures saved down on apps like Dropbox, Googlephotos, snapchat and memory cards laying around my room, this shoot was somewhat of a challenge for me.

Let's start by just giving a round of applause to all fashion bloggers out there that do this for a living or on an everyday basis because they make shooting outfit pictures, oh so easy- uhnm boy was I wrong! First thing first, the weather, it was extremely hot, how can someone function in such a hot weather and make it look like your back isn't sweating bullets? Second, how intimidated it is to do a shoot in a park full of people. Why was this park so packed? Out of all of the times, I have visited this park, that day had to be by far the busiest I've ever seen it.

 Moving on to figuring out how to post? I mean Ann outfit shoot does not compare to the usual Instagram pictures I used to (and still do) ask my friends and family to take for me. Nothing like a quick pose and smile and hope that you got a good enough photo to post because you don't want to keep asking. An outfit shoot takes so much work.

Lastly feeling comfortable with yourself, like I mentioned before I'm a picture, person-selfie queen. But shooting this look was in fact really hard on my comfortability, as I become really shy when someone else is taking the pictures and there are strangers around.
I do want to say these pictures came out perfect. No edits, almost no bad ones to delete and so many to choose from, which was great. By now your Instagram timeline is filled with all of this pictures-sorry not sorry.

I'm a simple girl, so I shot a simple outfit because I throw the first thing I see and I'm always mixing really affordable pieces with semi-affordable pieces. V-cuts t-shirts are more my style, I literally own this shirt in every color, and I always aim for a size bigger to have that "effortless" look or something like that.

My watch was a Christmass gift from the boyfriend. We have matching ones :)!

Heels are from a summer ago. | I mentioned this pant's in my Summer under $20 finds

Someone tell me their secrets of shooting more than one outfit a day, please? It took us a little over an hour to shoot this outfit, but because of the weather, I didn't get a chance to shoot different outfits (I felt nasty and sweaty, and with zero to no energy).

Outfit details
T-Shirt- Forever 21- ($3) / Pants- Tj Maxx- ($10)
Shoes- Asos- ($51) Last year / Sunglasses- Sunglassspot- ($5)
Necklace- Etsy ($19) / Watch- Citizen

Photographer Licellot G. Bestfriend now part-time personal photographer!

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  1. First of all, beautiful outfit! I just love your heels! And oh gosh, I've been blogging for almost 3 years now and still hate taking photos with people around. But it does get easier the more you do it. :)

    1. Thank you love!, I was so nervous while shooting this outfit. I literally took a break after each picture and I would stop if someone was heading my way (horrible). I do hope it get's easier as I'm not a fashion blogger but I want to be able to shoot more outfits and be more comfortable.
      Thanks for stopping by :)



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