August 17, 2017

I love every inch and part of my body, every stretch-mark, every beauty mark, every cellulite and every hair. I love everything about my body even the parts I dislike. I love my body even on the days I wish I had a flatter stomach, a bigger ass, perky boobs, no double chin, and smaller arms. I love it even on the days I compare myself to an insta-model, or to the girl that can eat a whole meal and not gain any weight. I still love it even on the days an outfit doesn't fit how I wished it did. I love it during the times I'm shy to be fully naked around my boyfriend because I just ate and I feel 10 pounds heavier. I love it even on the days I'm bloated and the zipper won't go all the way up.

I love myself even on the days I get frustrated because I'm unable to pronounce a word, on the days my accent is stronger than the day before, on the days my attitude clouds my better judgment, and on the days my mental health makes it a living hell for me to get through a day.

I tried to edit these pictures as little as possible, I wanted them to be raw/unedited/unfiltered.
I have come to terms with the body, looks, and imperfections God gave me and I have learned to love each and every one of them. The days that I dislike myself, my attitude or anything that makes me- me I have learned to love, to respect, to admire, to embrace and to work around it and with it to make myself happier and better.

I am my own person, I am my own self, my qualities, my flaws, my weirdness are all mines.
I will not be compared to another, I will not compare myself to another, I am who I am and that is what makes me great. Being able to be comfortable in my own body, in my own skin has helped me love and admire those around me. I don't need to view the girl next door as my competition as I have my own thing going own. My grass is greener where I stand because this is where I water it, this is the side where my flowers are blooming. 

When I say I love myself even when I'm disliking my imperfections it does not mean I'm always my biggest fan or that these aren't things I don't struggle with, it just means I'm kind to myself. I have learned to love these parts instead of using them against me, instead of hating them and hating myself because of them. I have learned the importance of being one with my imperfections and flaws, with the things that make me good and also with those that make me "bad". With the things I want to change, and with the things that make me extraordinary.

The road to self-love it's oh so hard especially in the day and age we live in, where women are compared and put to shame for our natural bodies, for the things that make us great, for the things that make us-us. We can't control others but we can control ourselves. Self-love starts within, it is important to start by learning and embracing your flaws and loving each and one of them one at a time. There are still days I dislike certain parts more than others, days I look in the mirror and point out everything that is "wrong" with my body there is no point in hiding it- it's true. But overall I love myself each day more than the day before.

I choose self-love, do you?

The key is to practice self-love, and when you do it please only do it for yourself! Self-love is so important, self-love it's necessary, self-love is key- for your well being, for your sanity, for your happiness.

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