August 31, 2017

I love everything about love, the idea of love, the magic of love and the happiness it brings. A couple of weekends back I attended my sister's friend wedding, and it was amazing being able to see two people come together as one. I haven't attended a wedding in many years, and I can't remember the last time I even attended a summer wedding at that. I know summer has pretty much come to an end, but I shared my current summer wedding dresses options in this post, while in the search of the dress I picked for the special day. The weekend was one to remember, the location was amazing, a beautiful ceremony as well as a beautiful reception to top it all.

The wedding called for a weekend getaway as it was a couple of hours away from home. We left early Saturday afternoon to be able to make it on time for the wedding cookout. We arrived a couple of hours before the cookout started and so we were able to join the crew for a quick but crazy boat ride. Let me rephrase that, it was a good crazy because when you're around a group of genuinely fun and good people all you can do is laugh and enjoy the moment. But in all honesty being in a small boat on a lake with 10+ people for someone that does not swim, was a bit much.
Bodysuit- Forever21 | Pants- Primark | Sandals- Aldo

The whole vibe of the location was modern lake houses with a breathtaking lake view, after the cookout, laughs and drinks we welcomed the night with a bonfire and smores. Not only is the bride my sister's friend but also her client- so we were there for both business and pleasure. We spend the whole Sunday getting the bride, bridesmaids and the mother of the bride and groom ready for the wedding.
Dress- ASOS | Shoes- Lola Shoetique (from 3-4 yrs ago)

I'm all for the more simple outfits for my everyday life, but when it comes to events I make sure I dress up and stand out (inserts girl emoji with the hand flip). I bought this dress exactly two weekends before the wedding (because I tend to leave things for last minute) and thankfully it made it to me on time. I wanted something that screamed me, simple yet sophisticated and this dress was it. I paired the dress with some classy strappy orange and beige sandals- because it was a summer wedding and why not. Hair sleek back channeling my inner Kim K, and my favorite pair of sunnies. Accessories were to a minimum as I'm all about simplicity. Fun fact: I have 4 tattoos.

5 Tips on what to do & not to do when attending a wedding ...
- Avoid wearing the same colors as the wedding theme.
-Tone down the lip color. Aim more for nudes, rose colors, light browns, or a light mix of colors.
-Remember to wear your most comfortable pair of shoes.
-You can be sexy, but NOT TOO Sexy.
-Remember to have fun and enjoy the night. It's a celebration. 

All pictures were taken with an iPhone 6 or iPhone 7 camera. 
This looks so fake, it was breathtaking 

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