October 12, 2017

I'm the type of person that does everything in a different order, I previously shared the Top five coats must-haves for this winter way before the fall even arrived, but that's because I start my search for the perfect coat ahead of time and since I was already looking at options I decided to shared them with you. But now I'm back to my regular programming it's finally Fall but it's 80 degrees outside (rolling eyes) I'm sharing the Fall must-haves. The good thing about Fall essentials is that they will convert into Winter essentials with an addition of a coat and scarf while replacing the jackets.  


  • Bomber Jackets

If we're talking Fall that means we are talking Bomber Jackets, you can easily throw one on and you're good to go looking put together. I'm all for everything black (you will see a lot of black in this post) and I honestly think that you're going to go for a bomber jacket might as well get it black, I'm feeling this Brave soul one, simple but chic.  

  • Leather Jackets

I'm currently in the search for the perfect leather jacket to add to my closet if you're all about classiness with a twist of badass -because what better way to show you're a badass than with a leather jacket (like myself) owning one is definitely a must. Throwing it over a date night-outfit, a night with the girls, or even to a more formal outfit (as long as is not a job interview) a leather jacket is a great option. I currently have this Noisy May Leather Jacket and this Stradavarious Faux Leather jacket in my cart.

  • Jean Jackets

Do you really need a jean jacket? Is it a must-have piece? A simple NO answers both of those questions, but in reality, a jean jacket goes a long way and it goes pretty much with everything. Ever since the jean on jean trend came back, there is no more feeling guilty about throwing on a jean jacket when you have jeans on. You are free to walk out the door girl! I'm eyeing both this one and this one both a little oversize, because if you are going tight at the bottom better go loose on the top.

  • Lightweight jackets

If you are also dealing with cold mornings and hot afternoons than a lightweight jacket is a must. These types of jackets will do the trick on keeping you warm in the morning but are also light enough to be thrown in the bag once the temperature goes up. My go-to style is this one.


  • Ankle Boots

If we are talking about fall that means we are talking about booties. High heel booties, low heel booties, open-toe booties, chunky heel booties and rain booties. Last year I bought this pair of high ankle booties in the style Ezra and I wore them all Fall and Winter long. Early this week I bought a similar pair to these Leather Chelsea boots and I'm currently eyeing this pair in suede.

  • Over the knee boots/ Thigh high boots

Although I'm a short girl (I'm only 4'11'') I'm still all about a good pair of high-knee boots. They are perfect for those days you want to look a bit sexier without trying too hard, or when you want to turn that Summer dress into a Fall piece. For a more casual and everyday look, I go for a low-heel over the knee pair like these flat over the knee boots in the style Kasba and because I need balance, I've been eyeing this pair of thigh high knee boots in the style Tetyana.

  • Mules & loafers
I wear closed shoes all year long, but I get the most use out of my flats/loafers during the Fall/Springtime. I love how I can easily just grab a pair of mules and walk out the door and be both warm and comfortable. My love for mules grew in a matter of months, I grabbed this pair from Forever21 in both black and pink, similar to this pair in plain black, and a pair I randomly found at a Tj Maxx (told you I love me some mules). 


  • Long Sleeves Tops

I'm stating the obvious here, but you have no idea how many people will go a whole season without wearing or owning a long sleeve shirt. Me in the other hand, I'm a fan of them. I rack up on them the minute my favorite stores are having deals and I find them under $10. When the weather is still nice but it can also get chilly, a good long sleeve shirt will save the day. Literally.

  • Sweaters

Sweaters, sweaters, and more sweaters. I think I like this season more because of the sweaters. The chunkier the better. My go-to styles are V-neck sweaters, longline sweaters, oversized sweaters, Fine knit sweaters and knitted sweaters.

  • Cardigans

My appreciation for a good cardigan came back when I began working in an office. I cleaned out all of my old cardigans and I'm starting from zero now, leaning more towards ones I can easily wear both to work and on any given day. I found my two favorite cardigans at Tj Maxx under $20, but I wouldn't mind adding these ones to my collection; this fine-knit cardigan in grey, this rib-knit one in burgundy, this cardigan with tie belt in the color camel is more on the pricey side, but is definitely one of those pieces that scream you mean business and some money- ha!


  • Sweater dresses

I mentioned high-knee boots go perfectly with dresses, they look even better with sweater dresses. During the Fall you are still able to get away with wearing a short dress because the temperature lets you, I'm loving this off the shoulder knitted dress, this oversized knitted dress, this sweatshirt dress in blackthis simple scuba dress, and this knitted dress with a V neck.

It might be the excuse of buying new clothes, maybe the nice weather (not the craziness we have now), or maybe just the fact that I don't need to think too hard about what I'm wearing during the Fall, but a chunky sweater, jeans and a pair of mules and I'm out the door looking presentable. I never try too hard during this season and somehow I end up looking "okay" for the most part.

What is your Fall must-have? Loving sweater weather as much as me?

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