November 23, 2017

I can wear black all year long not just in the Fall or the Winter time, in fact, I have previously talked about how Fall essentials can easily become Winter essentials with some minor adjustments.

I have previously shared on my Instagram how my real style consists of simplicity/basicness which equals me living in these loafers from Egoshoes literally all year long. I call them my fake Gucci's. I wanted something that was warm, easy to put on and on trend and these babies are just that, and since I'm still broke and on a budget, I had to get the version that met my needs at the moment. Egoshoes seems to have these at the moment, but similar ones here and if you want the real deal find them here.

I'm 4'11 so I'm always on the market for new jeans that are just right up my alley and let me just say this pair is it. They aren't too much but not too simple either, they give the outfit the right amount of "coolness" I need and the whole "not trying too hard" vibe I'm always trying to achieve. You can find these Refuge high rise skinny jeans here.

Essentials, essentials. I'm always talking about essentials, because you can create so many outfits with just one piece, and this black turtleneck shirt is the perfect example of how versatile an essential piece is. I can and have worn this top on so many occasions, it has gone as business casual, a night out in town, semi-casual, and casual like this outfit. The good thing is that with all of these outfits I have received the same amount of compliments. The good thing about essentials is that you always need them, can create various outfits, never go out of style and are great for packing. This top was found at TJ Maxx. Similar one here.

This Forever 21 bomber jacket has ridden with me for a couple of years now, and it's still my go-to piece when it starts getting chilly out. Similar here and here.

My new thing has been going around town looking for cool murals to take blogging photos. What I do for the love of blogging, right? Fun fact I found out about this wall, it was painted by kids- Yes I said, kids. I mean wow, how cool is that.

All of these pictures were taken with my iPhone 8 plus.
Photos: Licelotte G. 

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