December 21, 2017

The only thing I like about the Wintertime is Christmas; Christmas songs,  Christmas movies, Christmas decorations, Chrismas Eve, Christmas Day, the Chrismas feelings and the presents. Besides Christmas, you can miss me with all of the Winter related things- meaning the cold weather. The random winter storms, people not knowing how to drive, can't park anywhere, you get frozen after standing outside for 5 minutes, etc, etc.
I do enjoy the Winter fashion because the more layers I threw on to keep warm the cooler I tend to look.

Once Winter is around the corner I start my search for my staple coats, my go-to store for coats is Zara, I tend to find exactly what I'm looking for, decent prices and great material. One of my favorite ones is this grey one I bought from Zara last year, similar here and here.

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Scarfs might be by far my favorite Fall/Winter accessories- the oversized ones at that. Being only 4'11'' they just keep me warm but give my outfits that "cool-careless" vibe I'm always open to. I get all of my scarfs from my favorites stores but always make sure I don't pay more than $15 for one. This one is from Sears and it cost me only $5 dollars. I found some similar ones here.

There's a reason why there's the saying that goes "don't judge a book by its cover" because I'm the type of person that won't step a foot inside of Charlotte Russe (no shade) until I went in to grab this pair of jeans, and I'm so glad I did. They meet all of my expectations and more. I got two pairs both for under $50 dollars. You can find these Refuge high rise skinny jeans here.

I have a real obsession with shoes, and these Chase + Chole clarity booties are one of my favorites ones from my collection.  I mean just look at them! If I don't turn heads when I have them on, then they ain't looking at my feet, but with these on you must look, right? I grabbed this pair at the beginning of the year from Hautelook for only $35 dollars.

Photos by: Licelotte G.

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